Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center (Eclipse Gym or Eclipse Gym 24/7) was founded in 2006 and currently operates two training facilities, one in Mabini Street, Malate Manila and the second branch located at Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. One of the very few training facilities in Metro Manila that is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our training facilities cater to all levels from serious athletes to people who have never worked out before, while offering rates that are affordable to the public. Unlike other commercial gyms that does not orient new members, we have designated coaches that will guide a new member upon the first few days of enrollment. We will permanently provide them with scientifically proven training programs that will be updated for the duration of a members stay with us.

Eclipse is equipped to train various types of athletes namely swimmers, badminton players, basketball players, golfers, mixed martial artists, power lifters, weightlifters, tri-athletes and almost any other type of athlete that you can think of.

Our facilities are equipped with dozens of similar power cages, racks, custom-designed machines, Olympic-standard barbells, kettle bells, free weights and much more to ensure that our members almost never have to wait and take turns to use the equipments.


Our vision is to educate people regarding the truths and fallacies revolving around the fitness industry, while helping them achieve their fitness and health goals.  We believe that optimal results can only be achieved through rational and logical training methods devoid of any fallacious propaganda, limiting traditional practices and often superstitious teachings of sports coaches. It is our dream to help produce world class athletes by using proven scientific training programs in training our members.



Eclipse Gym 24/7 is dedicated to promoting proper strength training and sustainable lifestyle change by providing service and 24/7 facilities which are necessary for our members to attain dramatic and measurable results.



We value facts, knowledge and concrete results.