Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please browse our FAQ.
Why should I choose Eclipse Gym over other gyms?

Because we provide consistent, visible and quantifiable results. Success stories are the norm at Eclipse, unlike other gyms that only have a handful of members who succeed in their physical fitness goals.  Our training programs have been proven to work on hundreds of our members for over 7 years. Most of our members who religiously follow our training programs experience strength gains of over 50% on the average during their first 3 months of training. We have members losing over 100 pounds in less than a year following our training programs while on a healthy diet.  We’ve also help develop amateur athletes into dominant pros in various sports.  We’ve spent years tweaking and improving our training programs because we strongly believe that it is our duty to help you reach your goals in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

We don’t believe that dancing to the tune of Gangnam style like this will do sh@# for your physique. It’s pure waste of time if your aim is to get lean and really fit.  If you join us, we’ll make you work your ass off to get really fast results because we believe that providing amazing results is still the best way of doing business.

If you’re ready and serious about reaching your goals, we’re here to help you reach them fast.

Do I need to hire a personal trainer?

During the first 2 workout sessions, all of our members are given orientation regarding the proper execution of the exercises and given a physical strength assessment before given a customized training program.  The program will be provided and updated regularly without any additional charge. These training programs are the same as the ones that we use on professional athletes so you can be sure that you’ll get the same quality results.

Personal training is actually optional and given the proper training during the first 2 sessions and the customized training program, PT is not actually necessary since you can consult anytime with our staff to check if your executing the exercises/program the right way.

How much is the monthly fee? Initial cash out?

Please go to this page for a complete list of our rates.

What are your modes of payment?

We accept cash, check, credit card and paypal payments.

Can I pay using credit card?

Yes, we accept credit card payments thru PayPal. Our front desk staff will guide you through the payment process.

Do I need to pay anything else?

Besides our regular rates listed on this page, there are no additional fees .

Are you really open 24/7?

Yes we are open 24/7.

Are you open during holidays?

We are open on most holidays but our operating hours will be limited.  The gym is closed on the following days: Black Friday, Christmas, New Year

How many branches do you have in Metro Manila?

So far we only have 2 branches, one located in Malate Manila and the second branch at Mandaluyong.

How often do you update my program?

We update your programs every workout session bases on your performance during the previous workout sessions and we adjust it regularly to ensure that you will constantly progress towards your goals.