Step 1: Do the workout for Primes

Workouts covered in Primes are Bench Press, Squats, and Deadlift for men. Workouts for women are Squats and Deadlifts.

Step 2: Video Attempt for 1 Rep Max for Primes lifts

You may be approached by one of our staff telling you that you may attempt for Primes or it will be indicated in your program. Please take a video of your attempt since this will be submitted to us so that our senior coaches may judge your attempt. Only good lifts are approved. If not approved, you may try again.

For Men:

Deadlift – 315lbs or higher

Bench press – 225lbs or higher

Squats – 315lbs or higher

For Women:

Deadlift – 225lbs or higher

Squats – 225lbs or higher

Step 3: Register to get your T-shirt

Here is our special registration just for Primes. This will notify our senior staff that you are registering your attempt to be checked.



Step 4: Upload your video

We have a special area to upload your video. Please do so below. As of now this can only work on non mobile devices. Please upload the video with the same filename as indicated in step 3.

Step 5: T-shirt with photo op

Get your T-shirt once approved! This will come with photo op with our staff with you wearing the t-shirt, which will be posted on our FB page.

Most people will definitely not believe you if you just tell them that you did 315lbs or 225lbs for the workouts in Primes especially if you are in the 110 to 140 lbs range and with a height of 5′ 3″ to 5′ 10″. Now you have video and photo to prove that you once did 315lbs or 225lbs!:)

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